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Massage & Treatments

Helps to alleviate stress and tiredness, and helps you feel warmed and relaxed. The areas of the body which accumulate tension, can be many. The head and neck, the arms, the back down to the feet. Thanks to this massage, we increase the flexibility of the body, and improves blood circulation. It also stimulates the flow of energy and contribute to the production of intense vitality.
Relaxing Massage: 50 minutes € 60

This, fundamentally, involves the role of the treatment of cellulite. The drainage objective is to help eliminate the liquid blockage of the lymph, and also to relax the muscle fibres. The movements are delicate, slow and repeated.
Lymphdrainage: 60 minutes € 65

Exercised by using two hands, to re-awaken the sleeping muscles. Using ancient techniques, we re-awaken the energy of the body. The resting mind is rocked with the natural rythms. All this is due to the series of techniques of energizing massaging, to recharge our bodies, and giving us the possibility to re-face our busy daily lives.
Energizing Massage: 25 minutes € 35

This is perfect for reducing bloating of the body. It re-oxidises and tones, and efficiently re-beautifies the body. It is a reliable ally for the battle against cellulite and excess body water. The massage is an excellent toner, and a great method to take care of the body helping to give a slimming effect.
Toning Massage: 50 minutes € 60

This is a technique benefitting the specific points of the foot, to re-establish the equilibrium of the body. Very useful in the case of congestion and tension. It helps against back pain, cystitis, anxiousness or stress.
Foot Massage: 25 minutes € 45

There are many benefits to this massage:- Thanks to the relaxing and sensual atmosphere, it is sometimes also known as the 'Sensitive Massage', or 'Psychosamatic Massage' The principal objective is to rediscover the harmony, psyche, and wellbeing within the whole body. The Californian massage is relaxing and calming. It combats stress and anxiousness. It helps overcome insomnia, digestive problems and panic attacks, also helps with depression. It aids self-esteem, toning muscles and skin, combating aging of the skin. Re-equilibrates the nervous system, and muscle contracting tension, walking difficulties and improves blood and water circulation. Liberating the intrinsic sensual perceptions of the persona.
Californian Massage: 60 minutes € 70

Neck massage, nape and face
Deep cleansing

Leg tiredness (bandage) –
Bust Toning

* The costs of face and body treatments will be agreed according to the type and duration.


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