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an oasis of comfort and relaxation in the heart of Montepulciano

Montepulciano is; a city; which enchants visitors with its timeless beauty, its breathtaking views and its millenary history. Located in the heart of Tuscany, Montepulciano is the perfect place to visit. a sought-after tourist destination, both by art and culture lovers and by those seeking relaxation and good food

Hotel San Biagio is the ideal destination for tourists. a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the best of Montepulciano. Strategically located, the hotel offers a panoramic view of the city. and on its surroundings, which will leave you; breathless. In addition, the structure is; equipped with comfortable and well-furnished rooms, ideal for a holiday of comfort and care.

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by the breathtaking view of the Tuscan hills

The rooms at the Hotel San Biagio have been designed to guarantee maximum comfort and the utmost attention to detail. Each room is unique. furnished with elegance and style, offering a truly unforgettable stay experience.

The rooms are spacious and bright, equipped with large windows that offer a panoramic view of the city. or the surrounding Tuscan countryside. They are furnished with high quality furniture and have been designed to accommodate up to 6 people. and fine fabrics, to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

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bike-excursions-Hotel-San-Biagio-MontepulcianoExcursions on foot or by bicycle

Montepulciano and the surrounding hills are a real paradise for lovers of hiking and mountain biking. Guests of the Hotel San Biagio can choose from a wide range of routes, from easy to more difficult. challenging, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Tuscan hills.

horses-activity-Hotel-San-Biagio-MontepulcianoActivities on horseback

Tuscany is; a region that has always been linked to the equestrian tradition, and the guests of the Hotel San Biagio can take advantage of this passion to discover the most beautiful landscapes; beautiful in the area riding horses. There are numerous stables and riding stables in the area, where it is best to ride a horse. It is possible to go horseback riding among the vineyards and the Tuscan hills.

nature-reserve-Hotel-San-Biagio-MontepulcianoVisits to nature reserves

the nature reserves of Montepulciano and Val d'Orcia offer the possibility of; to discover the fauna and flora typical of Tuscany, such as the fox, the wild boar, the roe deer and many species of birds. Guests of the San Biagio Hotel can choose from numerous options, including the Lucciola Bella Nature Reserve, the Pietraporciana Nature Reserve and the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve.


Birdwatchers will find Tuscany a real paradise, thanks to the presence of numerous species of birds and the natural reserves in the area. Guests of the Hotel San Biagio can choose between various activities and activities. birdwatching, such as guided tours with industry experts and remote observations with telescopes and binoculars.

garden-Hotel-San-Biagio-MontepulcianoGardens and parks

Tuscany is; also famous for its historic gardens and natural parks, such as the Parco delle Terme di Montepulciano, the Garden of Daniel Spoerri in Seggiano and the Boboli Gardens in Florence. Guests of the Hotel San Biagio can visit these places and enjoy the timeless beauty of Tuscan nature.

the timeless beauty of Montepulciano

Montepulciano and surroundings

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